Answering the Question “What is Good Link Building in SEO?”



There are expected to be around 100 billion websites online today, which is over 10 sites per person. There are a lot of websites and a lot of competition for individuals or companies hoping to make it in the internet game.

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of improving your website so that it ranks high in the natural search results of search engines.

Paid advertisements generally cost anywhere from $.40 to $2.00 per click, whereas organic search is entirely free!

So, what is good link-building in SEO?

A website/service most talked about today is Linkokay, as they have wonderful opportunities and services that are necessary for link building. Search engines operate around the clock to index and scan as many sites as possible. They move from link to link along the way and keep basic information about every website. These search engines categorize and document keywords so that when someone searches for keywords or phrases, they have relevant content to display.

As with Linkokay, sites are ranked by the quality and content of the internal structure and by the quantity and quality of other sites linking back to it. We call them “hyperlinks” or “backlinks” because they link back to your website. SEO companies like Linkokay work day and night to build or produce quality backlinks so that your website is ranked and rated more favorably.

A lot of people confuse the term Page Rank with the rank of the site when specific keywords are searched. With Linkokay, these are tracked. Google, undoubtedly the most widely used and widely recognized search engine, has coined the term PageRank and uses it to rate sites on a numerical scale.

Ranking for keywords is something different. This is where a new webmaster needs to focus. Keyword ranking is the position a website holds, relative to other sites when a specific and determined keyword or phrase is searched for. For example, an SEO firm would like to be the first site listed when someone searches “SEO business.” It’s estimated that about 50% of searchers click on the first link when performing a search, so this could mean a lot of traffic and a lot of business for the SEO company.

SEO is not a quick process, but if done correctly, it can be incredibly lucrative. Make sure to invest time and effort to do it right from the start.