Yii is highly suggested for any sized job, Yii is a free web application development framework.

Below is the list of Yii great functionalities for website or application.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern:
Yii implements the most widely adopted design pattern in Internet programming model-view-controller (MVC).
The idea behind MVC is to separate the representation of information from the user’s interaction.

MVC means,

  • Controller: The controller handles the communication between the model and the view.
  • View: The view comprises elements of the user interface like text, form inputs.
  • Model: It represents the data (the data) and the company rules.

DB Migration:
Yii Query Builder provides an object-oriented way of building SQL queries, which will help decrease the risk of SQL injection attacks. Yii Data Access Objects (DAO) enables accessing to various database management systems (DBMS) at a single uniform interface.

Developer normally extends Yii during development, like when you compose a new controller, you extend Yii by inheriting its Controller class. If the code that is extended will be reused by developers they call it an extension.

Authentication and authorization:
Yii includes an integrated authentication and authorization (auth) performance that’s simple to use and change. The piece in the Yii authorization frame is a user application element that’s an object implementing the [IWebUser] interface.

By using this component Just like we Could Do functionalities:
– Check if a user is logged in or not
– Could get the special identifier along with other relevant identity information about the consumer.
– Assess if the Consumer has access to a specific Performance
– Login and Logout a user

Each theme Yii is represented as a directory featuring view files, design files, images, CSS files, JavaScript files, etc.. The directory name is the subject name. All themes live under the directory i.e directoryWebRoot/themes. One theme can be active at one time.

Web services:

WSDL created by Yii for every class explains what APIs are available and how they need to be invoked from the client. Yii provides a simplified way of implementing web service in a web application.